Lamont's Sketchbook

Artwork of Lamont Bowman. Right now I'm practicing the basics so I can make comics and other illustrations in the future

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i wanted to try something different with today’s drawings. need to get more practice in with the brush…

I like. I wish i had more to say.

Do you do a satsuki speedpaint daily, or just a speed paint daily?


i just try to draw something every day.

the whole satsuki daily thing is pretty arbitrary.

i try to do a speed paint of anything a day to relearn how to paint. i try to do some drawings of anything every day, to properly learn how to draw.

i think drawing satsuki is a great way to practice without giving myself too much pressure to do so?

mainly cuz i think regardless of how ridiculously over the top ubermensch she is, dat eyebrow game is too strong lmao.

Eyebrow game too strong.

Learning to push the action line more and also not being so precious with my gestures. Also loose drawings of some Warframes.


Gurren Lagann means a whole lot to me because the basic premise of Kamina’s catchphrase is:

"Wow, you don’t believe in yourself? I’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong for feeling that way, but I believe in you. If you believe in me, too, we can support each other where we need it the most. And maybe someday you’ll see in yourself what I see in you."

And thinking about that makes me tear up, not gonna lie.

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Daily drawings before I have to woek on my final project. I feel like my gestures have improved after studying how other artists do their gestures.

I tried to draw without lifting my pen off the page and I found myself going by on my lines to add a detail.

Stuff from earlier today before working on final project for class.


Absolutely majestic.

My life is better for having watched this.

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This is adorable. 



This is adorable. 


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I have displeased my sensei by not drawimg much today. So I shall upload somethings I drew yesterday while appealing to my sensei’s good nature but saying that I have learned a valuable lesson while drawing on the train. I learn that I should loosen up a bit and not worry too much about by drawing not coming out perfectly the first time.

Or drawing on the train is hard as fuck.

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